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Scenic Drums is a movement toward sustainable music creation. We focus on creativity and collaboration while avoiding the unnecessary consumption of resources. The emphasis is on you and your artistic vision. An authentic and unique experience aimed at delivering an individual sound you won’t find anywhere else. It’s about value and creativity, not fame.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, young or old, we can give you the information you need to be a better musician, not only a better drummer. Everyone is at a different place in their development. Take a lesson and we’ll give you what you need. We’ll teach you to teach yourself. We want you to be inspired. Have the confidence to create your own sound. Play the way you want to play. Remember, there is no competition.

Make the most of what you already have before considering a new set of drums. We’ll get your drums sounding the best they can, personalised specifically for your unique wants and desired sound. Many established drum companies make wonderful sounding drums. It’s entirely up to you. We’re giving you another option but at an affordable price.

Jonathan Harding-Clark is the creator of Scenic Drums. He’s a third generation musician (His father is the nephew of the late Billy Hyde of Billy Hyde Music). Jonathan began playing drums as early as 5 years old, using chopsticks to play on arm chairs. He was fortunate to attend a primary school with an excellent music program led by Jazz saxophonist Ron Graham. He performed in all three of the schools ensembles which consistently won awards, with Jonathan often receiving special mention. He played with the community big band as early as ten years old, performing arrangements of popular music and jazz standards. As a professional he’s played and recorded with multiple bands and artists in a variety of styles from Jazz to Metal, Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk and so on. He has performed in Australia, the US and Europe. Jonathan has earned a reputation as an extremely versatile, virtuosic and sensitive drummer. He uses his broad knowledge of style and technique to respond quickly and creatively to the music being played.

Billy Hyde

Billy Hyde Music

Tony Clark

Billy’s nephew

Jonathan Harding-Clark

Scenic Drums

Billy Hyde playing Caravan for Planet Records, the first ever recording by the Planet Label Melbourne (1955).

My approach to playing is to get at the heart of the music. Remembering that I’m not only a drummer but a musician. Letting the music determine what I’m going to play. Everyone is different and every musical moment is unique.”

Jonathan Harding-Clark

The Scenic Drums brand aims to meet the complete needs of all drummers located in the South East Queensland region and eventually expand to include musicians from all over the country. It’s a throwback to the days of the traditional New York style drum shop, offering the best knowledge and service. A place dedicated to all things drums and music. A community where people share ideas in real life and real time to create a unique and individual sound built from a solid foundation.

Rhythm is life

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