Bearing Edges

The bearing edge on your drums is one of the most crucial factors of their sound and tunability as I’m sure many of you know.

At one point I needed the edges on my own drums resurfaced and discovered that the service was not available in the region. So, I did the research, bought the necessary equipment and through a process of trial and error, developed the skill and confidence to cut an edge that dramatically improves the sound of any drum.

Now I can offer this service to you. The options are a 45°, 30° and round over (vintage style), all of which can be varied and customised depending on your drums and desired sound.

Price per pair:

6″   $22.00
8″   $29.00
10″  $40.00
12″  $49.00
13″  $57.00
14″  $75.00
15″  $78.00
16″  $79.00
18″  $85.00
20″  $97.00
22″  $110.00
24″  $127.00
Discounts for complete kits eg.
10″ 12″ 14″ 22″ $250.00
12″ 13″ 16″ 22″ $275.00

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