Scenic Records


Scenic Records is a community initiative aimed at showcasing musician’s exclusive to the region.

So, what’s it all about, and why the Scenic Rim?

With the advent of free streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes, the majority of produced music these days is simply thrown into the ether that is the internet, never to be heard again.  The idea that ‘someone’ will discover your music and propel you to international stardom, is for the most part, a myth. The music industry doesn’t actually work this way.  We want to extend an invitation to members of the Scenic Rim community to have their music recorded and heard! What better place to be than the Scenic Rim for creative inspiration! A region known for some of the best produce in the country.  Why not include locally produced music too…

We offer a free, one day recording session, where we will record and produce your song with professional guidance and experience.  For singer/songwriters, we will help with the arrangement of your song and contribute additional instrumentation where desired. This includes live drums, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass, backing vocals and percussion. We will mix and master the track. You retain total ownership of your track, the only prerequisite is that you are a Scenic Rim resident and consent to having your song included on a Scenic Records compilation album, to be sold in participating stores throughout the region. This is currently a not-for-profit project and revenue raised from record sales will go towards producing the next volume.  However, we hope that in time, we can be raising enough revenue to compensate contributing artists fairly and directly.

If this sounds like you, then please get in touch or share with your family and friends who you think may be interested.

This is a wonderful opportunity for musicians in the Scenic Rim to get their music recorded and heard.

We’ll record anyone, from anywhere in the Scenic Rim, anytime...

Rhythm is life

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