Remote Session Drummer

Or I come to you

My focus is on you and your music. I use my recording/performance experience with an emphasis on simplicity and resourcefulness to make your recording experience a pleasurable and inspiring one.


I believe that capturing a performance is the most important component when bringing life to a piece of music. I take a minimalistic approach, recording with no more than three microphones. I believe that not only can we capture a great drum sound but a sound that is unique and individual. There are a lot of wonderful drummers who provide this service so it’s a personal choice and the choice is yours. I track in one pass so as to capture the same air and energy of each performance. I almost never ‘punch in’ or edit. I will send you the recorded drum parts for you to review and we’ll work together to capture a complete single take that we are all happy with.

Send me a track and I’ll provide you with a free sample before continuing with the project to ensure your satisfaction. 


I very much enjoy the process of working with musicians and artists in a comfortable, professional work environment. I bring with me experience, patience, enthusiasm and a positive attitude as well as the knowledge to lock into a flow and work quickly. If the material is sent to me ahead of time, I will ensure that I’m more than prepared which makes it very realistic to have drums for several tunes tracked in a single day session. 


If you have a particular site you would like to track drums at: Hall; Barn; Church; Venue or your own home etc this can be arranged. Contact me to discuss.


If you require a drummer for live performance/touring of your original material or covers/tribute bands, simply send me demos or set lists ahead of time. Any style. For covers and tribute acts, I provide a same day emergency fill in service though it is recommended that you contact me ahead of time to ensure availability. However, if you have a last minute cancelation I may be available to fill in and get you through the gig with as little as three hours notice. Contact me regarding touring and festivals.


  • Customised 2003 PDP LX Maple in fusion sizes
  • Sonor Bop Kit 16” Bass Drum
  • Vintage 70’s Pearl in Rock Sizes
  • Roland V Drums TD-9 KX
  • Various percussion instruments and other drums
  • Zildjian A Customs
  • K’s and Vintage 50’s and 60’s A Zildjians
  • CLTB Personal, Custom made from Turkish blanks by Craig Lauritsen
    (South Australia)
  • Others
  • Sure
  • Audio Technica
  • Rode
  • Tascam
  • ProTools 12

Rhythm is life

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